Who are we?

MGH Wines is a winery group dedicated to the elaboration, bottling, aging and commercialization of wines from different Spanish appellations of origin.

Our goal

The aim of MGH Wines is to produce wines of the highest quality, committed to the land in which they are born. A new vision of quality with plantations of classic varietals, preservation of ancient vines, reapplication of artisan techniques and the use of advanced technology, results in wines of international level.


MGH Wines produces wines inscribed under different DO's, some of them, as the Ribeira Sacra ones, in our own facilities and the rest acting through the maquila system, that is, taking advantage of the potential of the facilities of the wineries registered in the different DO's, but always taking care of the 'vinification protocols' and controlling the vineyards from which the grapes are extracted.

Human Resources

A wide and experienced human team covers all areas of the group, starting from the main part, our winemaker and all the necessary staff to achieve our goal, bringing the highest quality wines to your table.

Our Wines

Here we show you our whole range of wines, a work of many years endorsing the effort of a great human team.

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Our DO

In MGH Wines we elaborate our wines in multiple DO of the geography of Spain, these are the main ones.

DO Rías Baixas

In its few years of existence, the Rías Baixas DO, located in the northwest of Spain, has been at the top of quality Spanish white wines. Not in vain, it is here where the great terroir of the Spanish white is located. Its intense aromatic qualities (far superior to those of any other grape variety) give the Albariño extraordinary characteristics.

DO Ribeira Sacra

The appellation of origin D.O. Ribeira Sacra is located in the Northwest of Spain, in Galicia. It is a quite young official wine region established as a D.O. in 1997. However, wine production in this region dates back to Roman times and their viticulture technique of planting in terraces is actually a direct inheritance from those ancients times. After the Romans, the monks settled in the area took over wine production what gave the name to Ribeira Sacra that actually means “Holy River Bank” in Spanish.

DO Bierzo

The region of El Bierzo, that gives name to this Appellation of Origin mainly based on the red caste Mencía, is a natural depression located to the northwest of the province of Leon by which the Sil river and its tributaries pass. The history of the vineyard in the Bierzo dates back 2,000 years back in time when the Roman legions of Trajan introduced vine growing in the area. The Godello white grape variety from DO Bierzo wines is unique and highly valued, given its limited production, as it represents only 4% of the grapes grown in the region.

DO Valdepeñas

The tradition of Valdepeñas is the history of its vineyards, its fruits and its wines, written with passion by people dedicated to the cultivation of the vine from ancestral times. Its winemaking tradition dates back to the time of the Iberians, a fact noted after the discovery of organic materials related to the production of wine in the Iberian deposit Cerro de las Cabezas (IV-VII a.c.).

DO Ribeiro

Traditionally, the Ribeiro wines are made by careful mixtures of native varieties, each of them contributing their peculiarities to give rise to increasingly surprising wines. Of all of them, the Treixadura is the white grape queen of the Ribeiro vineyard. It is also responsible for placing the wines of this DO on the map of the Galician wines and, therefore, on the map of the whites of Spain.

DO Almansa

The viticulture in the surroundings of Almansa has developed without interruptions since the sixteenth century. This wine region, located about 700 m above sea level, is the easternmost of Castilla-La Mancha. The DO Almansa was founded in 1966, increasing the number of vineyards and wineries in recent years given the boom that this privileged area is having for the production of high quality wines for their lands and climate.

DO Cava

In 1872, the first bottles of Cava were prepared in the municipality of Sant Sadurní d'Anoia following the traditional method of second fermentation in the bottle. Its elaboration begins and the town becomes the neuralgic capital of the Cava. The background of the DO Cava constituted in 1972 goes back to the year 1959 when the trade rules for sparkling wines were established, where the Cava mention appears for the first time.

DO Guetariako Txakolina

As a result of the recovery and quality effort carried out by the growers and the Gipuzkoan restoration, in 1989 the Txakoli of Getaria was recognized as Denomination of Origin with the name of Getariako Txakolina. Currently the geographical area of the Getariako Txakolina Designation of Origin is the historical territory of Gipuzkoa with 433 hectares of vineyards. This one, mostly of emparrado, is 90% in coastal areas.


Location of our headquarters and wineries.


C/ Progreso 24, Office 3
36202, Vigo. Spain

Main winery

DO Ribeira Sacra
Rúa de Outeiro s/n
27460, Sober, Lugo. Spain

Elaboration Wineries

DO Rías Baixas
Estrada Tui – A Guarda, O Rosal
36760, Pontevedra. Spain

DO Ribeiro
C/ Piñeiros s/n
32431 Beade, Ourense. Spain

DO Bierzo
Antigua Carretera Madrid-Coruña-VI
24500 Villafranca del Bierzo, León. Spain

DO Valdepeñas
Calle Magdalena 33
13300, Valdepeñas, Ciudad Real. Spain

DO Almansa
C/ Sol, s/n
02696 Hoya-Gonzalo, Albacete. Spain

DO Cava
Ctra. Sant Martí Sarroca s/n
08737 Torrelles de Foix, Barcelona. Spain

DO Guetariako Txakolina
Arana Bailara, Caserío Garaikoetxea
20494 Alkiza, Gipuzkoa. Spain

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